David Lynch

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  • Masters Degree in Coaching & Exercise Science, University College Dublin
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management, Institute of Technology Blanchardstown
  • KG Elite Performance Strength & Conditioning
  • Exercise Health Studies and PT Qualification
  • tability Ball, Suspension Training, Kettlebells & Reebok Cycle Qualifications

specialist in

  • Informative, enjoyable sessions
  • Fat loss & muscle sculpting
  • Specific injury rehabilitation
  • Athletic performance improvement
  • Special circumstance programmes

contact DAVID

09 579-2582 / reception@clubvo2.com 

Dave is an excellent and knowledgeable trainer and excels in what he does.

He helped me improve my strength and fitness and knew exactly what training programmes would suit me best.

I suffer from a number of injuries and his programmes helped me to improve my problem areas with regard to strength and movement.

Upon training with him, I became faster, fitter and stronger. My confidence, knowledge and technique grew tremendously.

To add to it all, he was friendly, enthusiastic and upbeat at all times. This always helped me to enjoy my training sessions and motivated me to work harder. 

A pleasure to work with!
— Caitriona Lavelle