Corporate Wellness

ClubVO2 created the Corporate Health and Wellness division of our business in 2011 to engage organisations and their employees in the idea that fitness and wellbeing can be easy, fun and affordable.  Fast forward a few years and we now have multiple successful and exciting programmes that offer plenty of options whether your number of employees and budget is big or small.

Through education and guidance our vision is to get staff moving and create a healthier approach to their lifestyle.  We encourage a Team approach allowing the programme to maintain enjoyment, accountability and motivation.  Our unique programmes cater for a range of employees, and no matter what their fitness level or attitude to their health is, every single person absolutely benefits from getting involved

ClubVO2 Wellness Programmes will provide positive changes for your organisation.  An atmosphere that is alive, has a strong team culture and improved efficiency are all part of the ultimate behavioural change your employees will experience


Our Programmes


Why choose a clubVO2 wellness programme?

  • We are SMEAEP endorsed by the IRD (no FBT of 49% - see below)
  • Imagine a physically active organisation: employees moving about, exercising together in peer groups and developing friendships. 
  • Increased productivity for those present.
  • Reduced absenteeism – when employees are well, they are present at work.
  • Increased morale and enhanced organisational image – businesses who invest in employee wellness are seen as a more favourable place to work.
  • Increased employee retention - businesses are more likely to retain employees who are offered wellness benefits.

SMEAEP Endorsement means that any corporate wellness initiative undertaken with ClubVO2 is not subject to FBT of 49%, meaning you get more wellness in your organisation for the same money!
See the SMEAEP site for more info

ClubVO2 feel privileged to have been involved with health and wellness initiatives for these businesses.