Corporate challenge

  • Our annual 4-week Challenge

  • late September – late October

  • teams of 4

  • Business VS business

Our experience in running Corporate Challenges clearly identifies that a successful balance of healthy competition in a supportive and encouraging environment, yields the best results. We place a high focus on inclusion and participation, not just on physical or individual ability.

Your staff will enjoy being part of a great team, building confidence with the completion of each challenge. This translates to higher staff morale, more resilient workers, greater engagement in the workplace and pride in the company they work for.

The ClubVO2 Corporate Challenge is designed to assist teams to engage in movement, mental agility stimulation and teamwork. The backdrop of the challenge promotes excitement, fosters better relationships among fellow workers and within businesses in our local corporate vicinity.

The success of past Corporate Challenges leads to the anticipation of these events, and we strategically run the challengeduring the year when staff productivity could wane, thus keeping staff engaged in their workplace, reducing absenteeism and improving morale.

The Corporate Challenge was a challenge (body, mind and diet) that set a new benchmark for me. The icing on the cake was very much the friendships formed across the wider group (trainers and participants) and in our business the closer bond amongst the team. Hats off to Anna and the team for making it a success.
— Alan Roberts – First Assistance
The Corporate Challenges are absolutely brilliant. A lot of time and effort goes into creating them, with loads of variety but making it FUN each and every day really shows. I look forward to continuing to be a keen member of these and the gym moving forward.
— Daniel Coppard – Mercury Energy

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