ClubVO2 Membership Terms & Conditions

ClubVO2 means The Fitness Company Limited trading as ClubVO2.

If on an Access Only or Off Peak Membership: The Member understands and agrees that this membership entitles them access to ClubVO2 during Off Peak hours only and it does not entitle the Member to participate in ClubVO2’s classes or personal program services. These services are available to the Member by either paying a casual rate or upgrading to a Full ClubVO2 Membership. Peak Hours are between 6am – 7.30am, 12pm – 1.30pm and 5pm – 6.30pm on Monday – Friday.

Membership Entitlement: Membership is based on entitlement to use of services and not actual use. Failure to use services does not absolve a Member from payment responsibilities. The Member understands that occasional variations to services may occur but accepts that management will endeavour to inform the Member as soon as possible of any such variations.

Club Rules: The Member agrees to be bound by the rules of ClubVO2 (“Club Rules”).  Club Rules may change from time to time at the sole discretion of ClubVO2.  Members will be given a minimum of one calendar months’ notice sent to the Members last known address of any changes to Club Rules.

Pin Code: The Member agrees to enter their Pin Code (provided on induction) on every entry to ClubVO2. Failure to do so may result in the Member being refused access to ClubVO2.

Refunds: Membership fees are non-refundable.

Hold Policy: A hold fee of $20.00 allows the Member to suspend their membership for up to one calendar month in each 6 month period provided the Member is up to date with all payments and/or approval by ClubVO2’s Owner is given. The Member is entitled to only one hold period per six calendar months starting from the first day of their membership and rolling over on the anniversary of this date. Each hold will extend the Membership expiry date by an equivalent period of time.  The $20 hold fee will be added to the next direct debit due.

Illness: If the Member is unable to utilise their membership due to medical reasons beyond their control then ClubVO2 will at no extra charge extend their membership for a period of up to 30 days in every 12 month period on presentation of a current signed medical certificate. Cancellation of memberships due to serious medical reasons will be dealt with on a case by case base and at the sole discretion of ClubVO2’s Owner.

Termination of membership:

a.     By Default: ClubVO2 may terminate any membership having given the Member a minimum of one verbal warning and one week’s written notice sent to the Members last known address or email address if a Member does not comply with the Club Rules and/or the terms of this agreement and/or if payments are overdue.

b.     Termination of Open Term Membership (no contract): If the Member wishes to cancel their Membership, the Member must provide ClubVO2 with one full month’s written notice stating the reason(s) for cancellation.

c.     Termination of a Fixed Term Direct Debit Contract (6 or 12 month contract): Once the 6 or 12 FULL months have been completed, the member may provide ClubVO2 with one full month’s written notice stating the reason(s) for cancellation.

d.     Buying Out your Fixed Term (6 or 12 month) Contract: You may ‘buy out’ the remainder of the contract for a total of $150.00 (independent of time remaining on contract)

e.     Transfer: The Member may transfer their membership to another person should they find themselves unable to utilise the membership (this must be approved by ClubVO2’s Owner). A transfer fee of $50.00 will be charged, and a transfer form must be completed. The recipient of the membership must also complete and sign a new Membership Agreement, agreeing to fulfill the remainder of the membership in question.

Payment of Membership Fees

a.     All membership fees are paid in advance by direct debit on the due date stipulated on the reverse of this agreement.
b.     The member accepts that over due fees may incur late payment fees and collection costs.  If ClubVO2 and the Member cannot come to an agreement, the account will be passed to a third party Debt Collection Agency

Increase in Direct Debit Amounts:  ClubVO2 reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to increase the membership fee upon giving the Member a minimum of one calendar months’ notice sent to the Member’s last known address and/or email address.

Direct Debit Consent: The Member consents to ClubVO2 receiving due membership funds through way of Direct Debits. If for any reason the Direct Debit is unsuccessful the Member gives permission for ClubVO2 to restrict access to its facilities until any funds that maybe owing have been paid in full.

Limitation of Liability: The Member indemnifies ClubVO2 of responsibilities for loss, damage, personal injury or any other event that may cause action to be brought against ClubVO2, except where provided for in the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

Gym Closure: ClubVO2 often closes on public holidays, including 2 weeks at Christmas.  Member agrees to continue direct debits during this time as ClubVO2 will provide a temporary 24/7 access Swipe Card.  There is a refundable deposit of $50 for this card.