ClubVO2’s Seminars can be tailored specifically to the needs of your business and used as part of an existing ClubVO2 Health and Wellness Programme or a stand-alone seminar – often as part of a series of seminars being offered to staff.

NUTRITION – with Rochelle Simpson

Rochelle’s passion is educating people on the power of food and its ability to contribute towards a more energised, healthy and vibrant life. 
She places a heavy focus on the fact that Corporate workers lead busy lives and often don’t select the best food choices.  Her recommendations are realistic, delicious and achievable and will hopefully leave all participants feeling motivated to make better food choices and be well prepared.

Rochelle is also particularly passionate about the topics below and can happily put together talks based on one or a combination of these topics.

  • Weight-loss, healthy eating and the importance of breakfast for losing weight.
  • Healthy eating for the busy/stressed out individual
  • Eating to balance and accommodate for hormone imbalances
  • Eating for sport specific activities
  • The science and background to ‘yo-yo’ dieting and why we should be avoiding this

HYDRATION / SLEEP – with Andrew McCracken

Aspects of our lifestyle such as sleep and hydration play a critical role in
assuring our body’s systems work efficiently and correctly.

This seminar takes a physiological approach to understanding how these
functions take place In our body. It will allow participants to finally make sense
of how our systems are all inter-linked within the body, and how the dysfunction
of one small aspect can lead to so many other issues.

This seminar will provide realistic and achievable recommendations on how to adapt areas of your lifestyle to improve the way your body functions, and therefore how much energy you have – all with the idea of creating a more positive outlook and enjoyment in life.

– with Andrew McCracken

Despite what we know about holding our shoulders back and sitting up straight, it is hard to remember this throughout the day, especially when the majority of staff are likely desk-bound staring at a screen for the greater portion of the day.

This seminar will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the way the spine works and how strengthening various muscles of the back can significantly help rectify back/neck and shoulder issues.

It will include a talk as well as a practical component to practice some exercises. Participants will also get involved in testing one-another for reflexes and any abnormalities that their brain may be producing that affects posture and stability

- with Andrew McCracken

Andrew is passionate about health, but more importantly about giving people the necessary tools to be in control of their own health and lifestyle.  Having studied the human body for the past 5+ years Andrew has learned a few things about what makes it tick.

A fascinating discussion about what goes on in the body when stressed and showing people that stress occurs in more ways than we think.

We all get stressed but have you ever wondered what is really going on in your body? Did you know there is more than just the traditional stresses that are affecting us? The good news is there is also more we can do about them!

This seminar would take a physiological approach to understanding different stressors and how stress affects the functions of our body. It will allow participants to gain a clearer picture how the emotions we feel, the food we eat and the way we move are inter-linked within the body and how a small change can create a massive result.

- with Andrew McCracken

 A Childs brain changes and develops as they learn the skills of life. It has only been recently accepted that these 'neuroplastic' changes also occur in the adult brain every second of every day, whether for good or for bad.

 In this seminar you will be amazed at what your brain can do. Learn how to take advantage of the constant re-wiring of your brain to make sure you get the best results possible.


Four years ago, Anna left the corporate world to pursue her dream of becoming a professional athlete, competing around the world in Ironman triathlons. Anna now presents and writes for the NZ Herald about her experience as a professional athlete and how her learnings can be applied to drive high performance in both individuals and teams.

 Anna recently presented at the Learning and Development network for the Australian Human Resources Institute in Australia.  She has been recommended for her creative approach that inspires and delivers key takeaways to create a culture of high performance.  Anna will be focusing on the team dynamics and how these can be applied within the workplace long-term

STU ROSS – Your body is like a bank account

Stu’s background is Physiotherapy as he has a strong desire to want to help people prevent and rehabilitate injuries or issues that might hold you back from living a full life.  A couple of years ago Stu started up ‘The Wellness Room’, an online hub focused around all things health and wellness.  This seminar offers a fantastic overview of many aspects of your life and provides advice on how to enjoy a healthy life for as long as possible.

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